Thursday, August 7, 2008


The Olympic games of Beijing are starting...Here are some tips for shooting beautiful sports photo

1.Shutter speed — Most sports happen quickly, so set yourself up to capture the action. Make sure your shutter speed (length of time a shutter is open) is the same or higher than your lens' focal length (e.g. if you're using a 50 mm lens, make sure to shoot at 125 or faster)
2.Tripod — If you don't already use a tripod or a monopod, now's the time to get one. With a monopod, you have more flexibility to move than a tripod and you can lock your focus, check your focus, on where the action might be in a few minutes or seconds with ease. Some lenses also have a feature called image stabilization which will partially correct minimal camera shake.
3.Tell the story — Don't be afraid to get in close to an athlete. The sweat on a brow, the guttural growl of aggression, the arms-raised cry of victory, the pain of exertion — each of these moments help to tell the story behind the story of sport.

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